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Youth service

For youths between the ages of 5 and 17 years
La Halte des proches is the right ressource for you!

A member of your close circle is suffering from a mental disorder? 


La Halte can help you demystify your loved one’s disorder and learn more about the illness.

La Halte can guide and equip you in managing your emotions in a healthy way.

La Halte can help you clarify your role and establish your areas of influence.

La Halte can listen to you and help you overcome the challenges, problems and impacts of the mental illness.

La Halte can provide you with ways and strategies to take care of yourself.


psychosocial interventions

Individual, marriage and family counselling as means to intervene in a situation or problem related to the mental illness of a loved one. Mourning a loss, communication and problem-solving are some examples.


respite activities

Fun wellness activities that provide participants with relaxation and enjoyment as a getaway from their concerns



art therapy

Individual counselling and group workshops led by an art therapist for youths 5 to 17 years of age that have a parent or another person they care about struggling with a mental health problem. The approach used combines the use of verbal expression and artistic creation to explore issues specific to the youths and their needs. Among other things, it enables the child to express their emotions and reflect on their experience via various art techniques, such as drawing, painting, collage, and modelling. Artistic talent is not required.


partnership with different professionals

To ensure a coordinated intervention, the mental health professionals at La Halte maintain partnerships with different community-based and health network stakeholders. We foster an interdisciplinary approach.






presenting our services

The team at La Halte is always happy to present its services in various places, such as educational institutions, CISSS, community organizations, issue tables, etc.