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Parenting alternative service

Support for parents with a child under 18 years of age.

The PARENTING ALTERNATIVE service aims to support parents, families, guardians and professionals responsible for children and minors with mental health problems.


Individual, marriage and family counselling as means to intervene in a situation or problem related to the mental illness of a minor you are the parent of. Communication and problem-solving, in addition to developing a sense of parental competence, are a few examples.






Activity led by a mental health professional for the parents of minor children with mental health problems. The purpose of this group is to enable the parents to:  Share their experiences as caregivers/parents; acquire concrete tools for solving specific problems, develop knowledge about mental health disorders; develop strategies to facilitate their interactions and exchanges with their children.



Fun wellness activities that provide participants with relaxation and enjoyment as a getaway from their concerns. These activities are an opportunity to share pleasant moments with other parents in similar situations.







Awareness and information activities related, to varying degrees, to mental health in youths and to parent/child relationships. They are offered to the general public and to public and private community network partners. They are usually offered by a mental health professional or someone with significant life experience related to mental health.







Individual art therapy appointments and group art therapy workshops The particular reality facing parents with children that have a mental health problem is taken into account in the support provided by the art therapist, as the approach can be tailored to each participant’s needs. This approach combines the use of verbal expression and artistic creation as therapeutic tools to help the person. All the visual arts modalities can be used during the meetings, such as drawing, painting, modelling, etc. Artistic talent isn’t required.





Educational sessions providing accurate and current information enabling the parents/caregivers to broaden their knowledge of specific themes concerning mental health in youths and the role of parent caregivers. Among other things, these services aim to raise awareness of the impacts of mental illness, so the parent caregivers may become aware of these impacts and mitigate the consequences.